Violating Felony Probation

A 1st violation of felony probation is something that can happen fairly easy if you let it. And actually, there are a number of ways that could result with you could violating the terms of your probation. Understanding what is considered a probation violation can help you avoid not complying with the terms of your sentence, and thus being sentenced to your backup time. Even if you have violated probation for the first time. There are some common and some not so common a felony probation violation that we see happen with varying degrees of consistency. In the interest of levity, here are five common probation violations that normally occur.

Missing Appointment with a Probation Officer

If you are on supervised probation, you will be required to meet with your probation officer on a regular schedule set by him. If you miss an appointment, this is considered a probation violation, and your probation officer could report this to the court.

Missing a Court Hearing

The judge may require you to attend further court hearings after a specified period of time to review your progress. If you fail to attend the court hearing, this would be a blatant and severe first probation violation.

Failing to Pay Fines or Restitution

Depending on the crime that you are convicted of committing, the judge could require you to pay fines or restitution to the victim. If you fail to pay the fines and restitution on the payment schedule set by the judge, you could be charged with a new offense for violating your probation.

Not Completing Community Service

If you are sentenced to community service as part of your probation sentence, you will more than likely be required to complete a set number of hours of service within a given period of time. Failing to do so would constitute a probation violation.

Not Being Employed

You could be required to obtain a job or enroll in school as one of the terms of your probation. If you fail to do so, you would be violating your probation.

Violating Felony Probation
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