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At Hermit, Stalker, & Bogus Law Firm, an Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, we are dedicated to representing everyday people who are in the fight for their lives, often against the state or a much larger adversary. Our commitment to effective representation, customized strategies, and aggressive trial techniques enables us to make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives.

If you’re being charged or arrested, you are likely to feel anxious, upset, or stressed about what to do. Because of this, we not only represent your interests diligently, but we also act as a counselor for you during this difficult time. In Indianapolis, our criminal defense attorneys provide you with knowledgeable representation no matter what type of charges you face.

Every Step In The Criminal Justice System Is Your Chance At A Second Chance.

With multiple criminal defense experience, Hermit, Stalker, & Bogus Law Firm provides criminal defense you can trust. We work diligently to ensure our clients get the best results they can in a system that is often stacked against them. An experienced criminal defense attorney, who was also a prosecutor in the past, believes that nobody should be defined by moments of poor judgment.
Our clients are at the forefront of every step of our legal process, and if they need additional assistance, we stay in close touch. We create a trustworthy relationship with our clients by maintaining constant communication and by relentlessly pursuing your case. Utilizing every opportunity available, we aim to increase the chances of a favorable result.

If you have been arrested, you may feel that all hope is lost. However, it is crucial to remember that our Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers are here to fight for you, and we are here to help. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible after your arrest so that we may begin the process of putting you on bond and reviewing your case details in preparation for your court hearing. Although it may look like there is a massive structure out there meant only to work against you, we are committed to protecting your rights and interests throughout the process.

After an Indianapolis arrest, where to find reliable criminal defense lawyers?

You can significantly influence the outcome of a criminal case by hiring a criminal defense attorney. Defense attorneys specializing in criminal defense have a solid reputation for aggressive defense and unique knowledge of the criminal justice system. We at Hermit, Stalker, & Bogus Law Firm are prepared to help you with this challenging situation and address all of your concerns, answering any and all questions along the way.

Dedicated & Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our Indianapolis law firm, dedicated to criminal defense, has handled all types of criminal charges throughout Central Indiana. You will get the attention you deserve with our personalized services. Throughout your time with us, we strive to answer all of your questions and prepare you for your court appearances in our mock courtroom. We offer unique insight and remarkable experience because each of our top-rated lawyers has served as a former prosecutor; this insight has led to favorable case results for countless clients facing every type of criminal charge.

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All criminal defendants want a criminal defense attorney who will fight for their rights and freedom at risk. However, great criminal defense attorneys don’t just fight for the sake of it. Lawyers with experience understand that sometimes it is best to be low-key and be patient while waiting for the right moment to play their cards. Getting your case to trial may not always be the best way to proceed, but partnering with an attorney who will not hesitate to defend your case all the way can only help.

Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney
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