Elder Law

Elder law is a specialized field of law that specializes in issues that affect the elderly population. The main purpose of elder law is to provide for the best interests of the aged individual, with the aim of enabling the aged person to maintain independent living as much as possible. The legal system is designed to protect the rights of the aged individual in terms of his or her financial status, property rights, access to health care, and social security. Elder law provides opportunities to the elderly person to remain in the community as much as possible and also to pursue a career in certain fields. The primary concern of elder law is to provide for the interests of the aged person and also to ensure that he or she receives adequate health care. The ultimate aim of elder law is to enable the aged person to maintain his or her independence and economic freedom through appropriate long term care options and proper financial planning. Some of the areas in which elder law can be useful are:


Elder law services are provided by lawyers and paralegals, who specialize in providing for the legal needs of elders. Elder law can also help to provide for the basic living needs of an elderly person. There are a number of agencies which provide elder legal services, including legal aid organizations, which provide free consultation to all those aged fifteen or over, and agencies that provide specialized assistance to individuals with special needs, such as those with HIV/AIDS and dementia. Elder law can also help the aged person to access benefits from the disability and welfare programs. Elder law services can also help to make arrangements for elder care.


There are various senior legal aid organizations, and the law firms of these organizations offer free consultation for seniors who need assistance with legal matters. Legal aid organizations also provide assistance to people with low-income as well as individuals who have no fixed income and who cannot meet their legal needs on their own. Senior lawyers, paralegals, and other senior lawyers can assist an elder with legal problems by explaining the nature of the case and presenting them with all relevant documents and information, whether it is a will or power of attorney, or a conservatorship document, or a final will. Elder law services can also help to make arrangements for elder care.

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