Criminal Law

What is Assault

An assault is defined as any willful, malicious or violent act by a human being towards another person that results in physical injury or physical damage. In some legal definitions, an assault is the intentional act of causing damage or harmful physical contact to another person or, if in certain legal definitions, an attempt to […]

Violating Felony Probation

A 1st violation of felony probation is something that can happen fairly easy if you let it. And actually, there are a number of ways that could result with you could violating the terms of your probation. Understanding what is considered a probation violation can help you avoid not complying with the terms of your […]

What is Criminal Law?

What is criminal law? Criminal law refers to the body of federal or state law that governs criminal conduct. It proscribes action perceived as dangerous, threatening, harmful, or otherwise harming to another person’s property, life, health, physical safety, or moral integrity. These actions are classified as crimes. Criminal offenses are considered crimes because they are […]

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